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Ocean Breeze Shaving Soap

SKU: 850153002075

Our Ocean Breeze Shaving Soap is handcrafted by artisan natural skin care experts and is made with natural ingredients. The soap has a refreshing ocean breeze scent that is sure to invigorate and invigorate your senses. The soap helps to provide a close and comfortable shave, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. With its natural ingredients, this artisan soap is the perfect solution for a luxurious shaving experience.

  • More Info

    • Simple formula with all natural ingredients. That's what we set out to create, and that's what you'll receive.

    Glides easily with lots of Lather!

    •  Long Lasting. Our soaps will last a long time even you shave daily.  The secret is our curing process. We cure the soap until it's done. We want to sell you soap; not water.
  • Directions

    We crafted these shaving soaps with one overarching goal in mind: ease of use. I made them so they’d lather up just as easily in hard water as they do in distilled water. No bowl necessary. While you can lather it up any way you prefer, as there is no one right way, I prefer lathering them up right in the tin. After wetting the brush (I prefer a minute soak), I just go at it (swirling the brush on the soap until a thick lather is built), and then apply it to my face.  Fingers work well too, just not as much of a lather as a brush.


  • Ingredients

    Organic cocs nucifera (coconut) oil, Organic Olea Europaea (olive) oil, Casotr oil, Tallow, Bentonite Clay, Natural Fragrance Oil.

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